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Vitro Molecular Laboratories is an internationally-recognized multi-speciality anatomic pathology laboratory, providing the following services to pathologists, oncologists, breast centers, clinical practitioners, urologists and numerous hospitals both regionally in South Florida and nationally across the US, and overseas.

Our menu of services includes the full spectrum of pathology services ranging from the most routine histopathology to the most complex molecular testing, all performed under one roof in our Miami laboratory, allowing us to complete any workup on any specimen, regardless of the complexity of the work up or type of diagnosis, within a record time. Our clients and their patients have enjoyed this unique type of service, which enabled us to:

  • Complete the work-up of newly diagnosed cancer specimens within 24 hours of receiving the fresh biopsy sample, including the authoritative, accurate diagnosis as well as the predictive markers assays by immunohistochemistry.

  • Maintain the continuity of care of the patient, given that the same Vitro pathologist who renders the primary diagnosis is the pathologist involved in the ancillary and molecular interpretation of the patient’s sample. This is in direct contrast to competitors, where the sample is being sent either out of the lab to a reference lab (where the pathologist has incomplete information about the patient’s clinical presentation) or to another lab division within the same institution.

  • Provide a bullet-proof chain of custody on the biopsy, as the need to submit the specimen to an outside facility is eliminated.

  • Complete hematopathology services with flow cytometry, molecular testing, and FISH cytogenetics

  • Extensive array of Immunohistochemistry assays (over 250 clinical antibodies, and 10 multiple-antibody cocktails)

  • Extensive array of FISH assays including HER2, solid tumors, bladder cancer recurrence, and ploidy

  • Advanced molecular laboratory with most of the oncotherapeutic assays and gene rearrangement testing

  • Whole slide digital telepathology (Aperio), with image analysis of predictive cancer markers

  • FISH image analysis with telepathology features

  • Complete dermatopathology services, including immunofluorescence, molecular testing for cutaneous lymphoid disorders and MSI testing by IHC

  • Routine histopathology

  • Routine, thin-layer cytopathology (ThinPrep and SurePath)

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