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Special Stains

Acid Fast Bacilli Stain

Alcian Blue Stain

Alcian Blue Stain With PAS

Collodial FE Stain

Congo Red

Crystal Violet for Amyloid (Lieb's Method)

FITE Stain

Fontana Masson Stain

Giemsa Stain

GMS Stain

Gomori’s for Reticular Fibers

Gomori’s Iron for Smears

Gomori’s Iron for Tissue Sections

Gomori’s Methanamine Silver Method

Gram Stain

Iron Stain

Lindquist's Method For Copper

Masson's Trichrome

May-Grünwald-Giemsa (MGG)

Mayer’s Mucicarmine

New Fuchsin for Acid Fast bacteria (AFB)

PAS Stain

PAS Stain With Diatase

PAS w/o Diatase


Trichrome Stain

Twort’s Gram Stain

Verhoeff for Elastic Tissue

Warthin Starry for Spirochetes

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