Our Vision is to be recognized as a preeminent physician-led pathology practice and laboratory that serves the needs of its patients and business partners.To accomplish this mission, Vitro Molecular Laboratories fosters a workplace environment in which innovation, dedication, collaboration, and professionalism are recognized and rewarded so as to promote a sense of pride, accomplishment and overall empowering of the employees.

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Our core values seek to ensure...

Consistent values throughout our organization.

A distinctive culture that attracts and retains exceptional people.

Continuing excellence as a provider of Medical Education in Anatomical and Clinical Pathology.

An organization where innovation is embedded in all that we do.


Our mission is to provide...

The most reliable, knowledgeable and professional services in specialty anatomical pathology with clinical quality being the most important aspect of our services.

The friendliest and most efficient customer service.

The fastest possible turnaround time without compromising diagnostic accuracy.

True cooperative business relationships with our clients.

Our focus on quality is a gold standard to ensure excellence in patient care by providing higher diagnostic yields.

Provide reliable, timely, and informative services to physicians, and other healthcare providers for the benefit of the patient.

Educate current and future employees, physicians and other health care professionals in the science of laboratory medicine.

Develop and improve laboratory technology and services through applied research.

Become a leader and role model in the laboratory community in the delivery of high quality low cost patient care.


Our core values seek to demonstrate...

Exceptional skill in clinical and anatomical pathology.

Exceptional and consistent quality.

Measurable improvements in community health status through selected health management initiatives.

Compassion in addressing the needs of the poor and under-served.

Leadership in creating collaborations and partnerships to meet community needs.