BCR/ABL Standard p120, p190

Real-time RT-PCR for quantitative detection of t(9;22) BCR-ABL1 fusion transcripts that result in major p210 (e13a2 and/or e14a2) or minor p190 (e1a2) fusion proteins with option to add p230 detection (micro or atypical variant). Analytical sensitivity is 0.002% for p210 and 0.005% for p190, depending on quality and quantity of the isolated RNA and absence of interfering substances.

Turnaround Time
6 days
Specimen Requirements
  • Bone Marrow: 2 mL EDTA tube. Sodium heparin acceptable.
  • Peripheral Blood: 5 mL EDTA tube. Sodium heparin acceptable.

Storage and Transportation

Use cold pack for transport, making sure cold pack is not in direct contact with specimen. Ship same day as drawn whenever possible; specimens <7 days old preferred.

CPT Codes
81206. 81207