Identifies epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), a transmembrane protein expressed by a subset of carcinomas and other tumors, with overexpression occurring in a variety of tumor types, including breast, prostate, ovarian, brain, lung, and predominantly squamous cell carcinomas. EGFR is the target of small molecules such as gefitinib and erolitinib, as well as humanized monoclonal antibodies such as cetuximab, and alterations in copy numbers of EGFR can be detected by FISH and mutations of the gene can be detected by PCR. Tumors that express EGFR are associated with a poor prognosis and a shorter disease-free survival. Most colon carcinomas will show expression of EGFR in over 1% of the invasive tumor cells.

Turnaround Time
Global: 48 hrs, Tech-Only (stain only): 24 hrs
Specimen Requirements

A formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue block is preferred specimen typeorOne (1) unbaked, unstained slide for H&E staining (required) and two to three (2-3) positively charged unstained slides (all cut at 4-5 microns) for each test/antibody orderedBlock and slide identifiers should be clearly written and match exactly with the specimen ID and specimen labeling as noted on the requisition.

Storage and Transportation

Use cold pack for transport. Make sure cold pack is not in direct contact with specimen.

CPT Codes
88342 x 1 or 88341 x 1